MFS can arrange asset finance for businesses operating across a range of industries, including agriculture, technology, automotive, aviation and construction. We can also arrange asset finance for clients seeking shop fittings, catering equipment and all other forms of specialist retail business equipment.

We arrange an extensive range of flexible and innovative asset finance solutions to maximise your assets. What’s more, we will guide you, helping you to decide whether to purchase, borrow or lease – in  doing so, we make sure MFS provides the best financing option for you.

Some of the benefits of using this facility include:

One Repayment
Your costs can be consolidated as one, easy, regular rental. Rental periods are typically set to match your cash flow requirements, set between 24 and 60 months.

Minimal initial outlay
No deposit finance needs to be provided, easing outlay at the start of the agreement.

Increase purchasing power
It is often possible to improve the scope of the total package you can afford by scheduling payments. This means that your organisation can obtain the equipment your organisation needs, instead of the equipment you may think you can afford. Rentals can prove to be a persuasive factor, particularly in situations where our clients need to consult with others in their decision-making team before committing to a contract.

System life-cycle management
Technology – and your needs – naturally undergo constant change. Our rental agreements can eliminate or reduce equipment disposal issues while allowing regularly scheduled upgrades and replacements.


Planned budgeting
Rentals made throughout the rental period are not affected by interest rates and avoid the impact of inflation.

Tax efficient
All the rentals paid in any year can be fully offset against taxable profits for that year.

Preserve working capital
Paying this way allows preservation of capital resources that are usually best devoted to business development and other operational needs.

Technology refresh
Any additions and upgrades you may choose during the rental period can be factored in throughout the life of the agreement.

If you’d like to find out more about the asset finance solutions we have available, please contact one of our advisers now on 020 7060 3456 or click here.